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Welcome to our Studio!

November 10, 2015  •  4 Comments

Hi there! I'm Christine Petit, owner of Le Petit Studio. I am a portrait and event photographer located in Plainville, CT. This is my first blog...though I have a background in news media, as a former editor and writer for print newspapers and online publications. I have owned my own photography business, Le Petit Studio, since 2009. (This is me).

Christine PetitChristine Petit, owner of Le Petit Studio models for her "Transformations: Women of Strength" program

In the past weeks, I have begun a program that focuses on transformation; photographing women before and after full beauty makeovers, and talking to them about the things they have overcome and how they did it. It's the driving idea behind this blog and program, "Transformations: Women of Strength."

I have remodeled what used to be a "Petit's General Store," owned by my husband's father, into an inviting photography studio with many unique areas and sets, including a hair and makeup area. As we have both, the studio and I, undergone major transformations ourselves, I thought it fitting to introduce ourselves before we begin to hilight our participants.

Before and After 1 Le Petit StudioBefore and after renovations at Le Petit Studio

The space we are in now was my father-in-law's general store for decades. After he left the space eight years ago, there were a few different businesses year to year. So when I came in, the 1,500 sq.ft. space had a varied "decor." When I first saw the space, well...let's just say one needed vision. It had potential...the original tin ceilings alone were awesome.

Here's a few from the first week I was here, as you will see, it was quite...patriotic, let's say? ;)

It was all one, large space. Tough challenge for what was to become an inviting, intimate studio! Le Petit Studio, Christine PetitLe Petit Studio pre-renovation"Before" photos of Le Petit Studio.

Le Petit Studio pre-renovationPhotos of Le Petit Studio space before renovations.

I started the changes with the red walls...they quickly became gray. We hung the backdrops, and with a little help from my about to be two-year-old son, of course everything took longer, what with dance party breaks and playtime.


But the biggest change came from getting rid of the blue industrial carpet. It was a tough decision to make whether to try and redo the original late-1800s wooden flooring or not, but I decided to lay laminate over the rug. It came out great! What a difference it made!

After the floors went in, the whole feel shifted. It was finally looking clean, modern, bright and more feminine.

I wanted to break up the room somewhat, and building a gallery wall was one of the best things we did for the space. It allowed for more art hanging space, as well as some privacy and division in the studio. And the LED-lighting in the four new 5' long chandeliers was just the right jewelry to pretty it up and take advantage of the two-story ceiling height.

I found this amazing fireplace surround at local antique shop...and once we secured that to the wall..it's been so fun to decorate! It really adds something to family photos.

Le Petit Studio fireplace surroundAntique-store find that I took back and hung in the studio!

It looked great for Halloween, and Christmas looks awesome, too!

I can't say enough about the difference in here, I just love the changes! It's calm and comfortable. It really lends itself to the type of work we do here...with women and children, family groupings...it's relaxed and new. Can't wait to share more as we go!

I had collected old white frames from local shops and on Etsy for some time, and it's great to have them up on the walls.

I will have other posts about DIY projects and other transformations in the coming weeks in addition to posts about our women of transformation. Please check back regularly and join us on our journey of transformation.

Here is a shot from our recent ribbon cutting and opening of the studio!



Amy Knight- Fort Smith Arkansas(non-registered)
Wow, I am so inspired! I ran across your blog and I'm in love with this project! Thank you Christine for making a difference in the lives of so many women near and far!
Kathleen Jehnings(non-registered)
What a wonderful thing you are doing and I wish you the best in your project and hope to participate one day in some way.
This is wonderful! I am a survivor of domestic violence and it has always been embarrassing to talk about or to admit. Thank you for opening up discussion about this and making women feel safe to talk about this topic. Giving these women a face to show it can happen to anyone is very powerful. Sending out strength to women who may be going through it now to show that you can overcome this and move forward is so very important!
Thank you!
Beth McLaughlin(non-registered)
The transformation of the space is amazing and very beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes on this new endeavor!
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